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About Us

Introduction Statement

Diamond Security Limited is dedicated to supporting sustainable safety and security for our customers and the community by providing the best security solutions founded in our people, innovation and our commitment to social responsibility. We serve all customers with quality,discipline, loyalty, integrity and enthusiasm. We invite you to take a closer look at our company, our commitment and reputation  

Our Vision

To provide professional security services with a focus of reliability and adherence to SIA Charter and international security standards.

Mission Statement

To ensure that DSG Services Limited is dedicated to excellence in providing professional security solution with a sharp focus on provision and delivery of exceptional value in the quality of our service that ensures the highest standards of safety and security. 


To supply professional and highly motivated staff who are trained to manage their tasks with confidence and authority whilst remaining, calm courteous and approachable.

Our Method

We will maintain up to date report which will be monitored and evaluated regularly to enhance the quality of our services. Not every officer is DSG Services material. Our standards are high. We will not hire individuals that cannot meet your specific requirements. We will not hire individuals with undesirable drug or criminal backgrounds.

We will not hire individuals with bad employment records or other problems. The problems of these unacceptable applicants should not become your problems. Whether you need commercial-residential security services or an integrated premises protection program for multiple locations, we have the experience, versatility and resources to handle all your security needs.

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